Hcg Diet at Omaha Med Spa

The Hcg OWL Diet at Omaha Med Spa

Achieving your ideal body weight has become a medical necessity for many of us who are part of the obesity pandemic.  As a medical doctor, I complained about my weight for years, but lacked the skills for long term success.

When I was 40 I decided to lose weight by exercising.  Every night I would walk and run on the treadmill, lift weights, do situps and stretches.  After 6 months, I was able to claim a 14 pound weight loss.  Over the next 2 years, I put the weight back on.

At age 50, I was feeling the adverse effects of obesity.  At a maximum weight of 209, I was experiencing fatigue, snoring and needed additional medication for high blood pressure.  At my annual exam, my doctor told me that my cholesterol and blood sugar were elevated.  Weight loss became a necessity for me.  Time to take action.

At the same time, as owner and physician at Omaha Med Spa, I was noticing an increasing number of clients who were taking hcg to enhance weight loss.  We wanted to start a weight loss program at the Spa, but I was initially skeptical about hcg (after all it was the hormone of pregnancy!).  I researched hcg, as many of you are now doing, and decided to give it a try.  My wonderful wife Lenore also wanted to lose 15 pounds, so we did it together.  The results were astonishing to me!  It was the fastest, and easiest weight loss that either of us had ever experienced!  Right away, we decided to bring the Hcg Diet to Omaha Med Spa, and the response has been outstanding.  I have made many enhancements and changes to the diet – and it is now called the Omaha Weight Loss Diet, or OWL Diet for short.

If you are ready to take the steps to a healthier weight, then I encourage you to read on.  The OWL Diet works.  Period.

My wife and I were also pleasantly surprised that we have kept our weight off.  With the OWL Diet, you learn to understand the need for portion control.  As you lose weight with the OWL Diet, you will also be learning the keys to permanent weight loss.  We have learned from this program, and made permanent adjustments.  We know that we will never let ourselves become overweight again!

Thanks for reading, and we hope to hear your comments.

Sincerely,  Carter O. Abbott, MD  – Omaha Med Spa – Omaha NE USA – Phone us at 402.614.5556

You may now order a copy of my new book “The OWL Diet” – the Updated Hcg Diet – On Sale now at Amazon.com  – enter “The OWL Diet” in the search bar.

Before The OWL Diet

After Losing Weight on The OWL Diet

64 Responses to "The Hcg OWL Diet at Omaha Med Spa"

How much does the program cost? Is the weight loss through medication?


A 4 week cycle using the Hcg Diet costs $450. This includes a one hour personalized consultation with me, weekly visits for support, monitoring and weigh in, printed materials, telephone support and the hcg medication. You may choose from hcg shots that are in prefilled syringes or transdermal cream. I purchase hcg from a North American manufacturer, and I reconstitute it at Omaha Med Spa. I personally prefill the syringes, assuring you of sterility and accuracy of hcg dosing. During the consultation, I train you in injection, which is easily done. Dosing is once daily in the morning, 6 days per week. The alternative is Transdermal Cream. The hcg is mixed in the cream and measured doses are easily applied to the inside of the forearm. Using both forearms, the cream rubs in easily over about one minute. The hcg is absorbed across the skin. Dosing is still once in the morning, 6 days per week. We see excellent results with both the shots and the cream. We have stopped using the “sublingual” route of hcg delivery, since I was not convinced of the absorption. In addition the sublingual solution has to be held under the tongue for 3 minutes, and is dosed morning and evening – our clients found the routine cumbersome, and sometimes forgot a dose.

The average weight loss that we see is 15 pounds in the first 4 weeks. If additional weight loss is desired, a second 4 week cycle is started and costs only $300.

Please call us at Omaha Med Spa 402.614.5556 with any fuuther questions that you have. Thanks!
Carter Abbott, MD

I am 100+ lbs. overweight. Can I still participate in this program?

Yes! This is real weight loss for real people. As long as you are committed, and pass the medical consultation, then we welcome your participation.

Day 2 of the program. I’m hungry….but not starving. No headaches or irritablility!

Stay with it – after a few days, the hunger should subside.

I would like to start this program. My sister and brother in law are on this diet since Christmas and look AMAZING. I’m tired of looking and feeling the way I do. Please how do I get signed up immediately. Please get back to me.

Sorry for the delay in responding.
I need to see all enrollees for a private 1 hour consultation, during which the plan will be personalized for you, and weight loss goals established.
We are in Omaha NE – Omaha Med Spa Phone 402 614 5556.

I am one of those weird people who actually enjoys having a protein shake for breakfast or lunch. Have any of your patients tried using protein shakes on the program with success? I am really interested in trying the hcg diet program, but I also don’t eat red meat.

That is a challenge. One premise of long term success with Hcg mediated weight loss is continuing a diet balanced with meat proteins, vegetables, fruits and water. What is the caloric intake of one shake, and how many of those calories come from fat?

The shake I use has 130 calories, 1gm fat (10 cals from fat), 11g carb with 5g fiber and 5g sugar, 19 g Protein. I was so happy to see that you’ve updated the 1950’s diet! Thanks

The shake would approximate the calories in 3oz of chicken breast, without skin, roasted. So the good news is that you could have 2 shakes per day in place of the meat allowance.

Let me know how you make out with shakes instead of meat.

So, it has been two weeks. I have been using my shake once to twice a day plus either poultry or seafood protein meal (depending on my activity level). I have kept my calories between 550-650 daily. I have lost just under 12 pounds in 14 days! My fat percentage is coming down really fast which is just amazing.

PS the suggestion of using popcorn has saved my sanity.


I noticed on one of your answers here on the site you have people on 1.25 daily intramuscular injections. A lot of websites say people give them to themselves in the fat on their stomach. Do you absorb it just as well either way? Your website is the best I have seen to help people make an informed decision on whether doing this program is something they can handle. Thank you for caring enough to give such great info and answers.

The FDA recommends that Hcg be given im (intramuscular). That is the reason that I choose the thigh muscle. This location is almost painless as well. Absorption into the fat layer (sc or subcutaneous) is rapid, but levels may not be sustained as long. If one of my patients wants to use the abdominal fat, then I will give them a shorter needle (1/2″) and a thinner diameter needle (30G).

What size needle do you use for the im injections?

25G x 5/8″ – easily goes into the muscle on the top of your thigh.

Do you have payment plans or do you accept Care credit?

The first 4 week cycle may be spread out over 3 payments as follows:
Sign Up: $270
In 1 month: $90
In 2 months: $90
Interest Free

Dr. Abbott, when I had my consultation with you on Monday, May 17th, you told me that there is a $50.00 coupon (discount) on your website, however, I cannot find it. I am ready to start the shots.

Thank you.

Go to MerchantCircle.com, or Google search for “Omaha Med Spa” and a site for merchantcircle coupons will show as an option.

What if I were to have a weak day and cheat on this diet does it crash the whole plan or can you start over?
If I invest in something like this I feel I would do great but then again may be tempted to cheat!

Yes and no – cheating indicates lack of commitment and motivation. Dieting is never easy. This program works, and the results are worth the short term sacrifice. If you cheat too often, you will not lose weight.

I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE, I can see this becoming a normal way of life for me with more options and a few more calories with about the same result as the vlcd – I am all in. Except I live in Arizona. I start a 30 day program with a local Dr. here on 6-9 this office does not offer the cream. I personally do not like shots, but I am willing to try something anything proven to work to assist me in reaching my goal weight. I have a 2 part question please. Will mild exercise be a benefit in loosing more weight and also When I complete my 30 day program. Is there a way that I can remotely start your program??perhaps have the dr’s office fax you my medical records? Can
I pay for telephone support and the cream on a smaller package price?

I would love to help out, but the state regulations dictate that I have to form a doctor-patient relationship with you before starting the diet with Hcg. I could only provide the hcg cream if I were to personally see you in Omaha.

Hi Dr. I was interested in the hcg diet program but i have so many questions because i have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years but i was unsuccessful now my Dr is taking things to the next level, she wants to perform iui on me but she wants me to loose about 30 lbs in 2 months because i am overweight. Since i ve been trying i lost about 5 lbs that’s it.So i think this diet it’s good for me.My question is ,the hcg diet will it interfere with my blood work. What are your suggestions?

I have had women participate in the program with the goal to lose weight and enhance fertility. The low dose hcg will not interfeere with your lab work, but remember that it will give a false positive pregnancy test. If you become pregnant while on the diet, you will need to stop the LCD and follow a healthy diet as per your OB Dr.

Shake question: I am using EAS Carb Control shakes
(110 cals, 3g fat, 1 carb, 17g protein, 0 sugar made with Sucralose) I drink 4 a day, every 2 to 3 hours, then eat a sensible meal, either Shirataki Tofu noodles or small amount of grilled meat and salad or veggie. Since 5/28/2010 I have lost 17 lbs. It maybe slow in comparison to others, but I have always been a slow looser. These shakes are quick for my schedule, easy, affordable.
What are your thoughts…ok to continue??

Hi, I live here in Texas near Waco and wondering if you knew of a clinic that has the exact same diet and guidelines as your program has in my area? Im not able to travel to your area and it doesnt sound as if you assist thru the mail since you rather see in person which is understandable. I tried the hcg diet with a clinic with the 500 cal diet and fewer food choices. I tried but had stomach pangs all the time and after 2 wks I was famished and failed but kept trying. I had headaches and felt miserable. I did lose 10 lbs but regained after getting off the diet. Your diet seems as if it would benefit and serve my needs better. Thank you for your informative site.

No – my version of this diet is pretty unique. I have written a book to be published in the very near future – on the OWL Diet – and I hope that with the book other doctor’s will use this diet for their patients. It works – and it is the best diet I have found today that uses real food, and yields consistent fast results. When my book comes out, it will be sold over the internet, and a chapter deals with how to get your doctor to help you with getting hcg shots.

Many doctors administer the diet using sub-lingual drops. Do you believe the drops are effective?

Also can you advise more of your favorite treatments for insomnia? I currently get only a partial night of sleep alternating the following meds: clonezapam, lunesta, or occasionally zyprex. I really think insomnia has contributed to my weight gain and immune system problems.

I do not use the sublingual drops, as I found them to be less effective, or not effective at all. Doctors like to sell them, as they are easy to buy and resell. The shots require sterile reconstitution (addition of bacteriostatic water) and dilution to a dose of 125iu – this takes time for the doctor, or his/her nursing staff – but my patients are very pleased that we offer them the “gold standard” – shots.

Insomnia is certainly a major problem – and I agree that it can aggravate obesity, interfere with hunger control, and affect metabolism. You mentioned several prescription meds – undertake that type of decision after consultation with your doctor – be aware that many of these medications have addictive potential.
Having said that….I will at times prescribe Zolpidem 5mg – dose of 1/2 to max of 2 tablets taken one hour before sleep is desired. Zolpidem is the generic name for Ambien – it is not expensive. I do limit it’s use to stretches of 2 weeks at a time, with breaks so dependence does not develop.

Do you use additional appetite suppresents? I know two women who lost weight with hcg but they were also taking phentermine.

Yes – many of our participants also use prescription Phentermine, and find it to be very helpful.

Can I do this diet while nursing? I have 5 month old twins and plan on nursing at least 1 year (or beyond). I have read conflicting information on whether this is safe or not.

No – use this after you finish nursing.

Hi Dr. I have bee researching hcg and your site has been the most helpful. My one question though is I have hypothyroidism and have been battling my weight for a few yrs now. Will this program work with my thyroid problems???

Yes – you will stay on thyroid replacement during the OWL Diet. Call us at 402-614-5556 for an appointment!

I take paroxetine, lisinopril, and ibuprophen daily. Can I do this diet without stopping my meds?

Yes – no problem. Lisinopril is usually prescribed for high blood pressure, and also for heart failure, and kidney protection in diabetics – your blood pressure needs to be monitored every week.

Do you sell the cream to those out of state or do you recommend a supplier? I am 51 and would feel so much better if I could lose 25 pounds or so. I have read a lot about the diet and realize I need recipes, a guideline, etc. But with so many suppliers, I don’t know who is ligitimate.

You best bet is to buy a copy of my new book “The OWL Diet” – available at Omaha Med Spa by telephone ordering for $32.05, incl shipping in the US – Call us at 402-614-5556. The book includes a Chapter on Getting Your Doctor on Board. Yes – you are right – a reliable source of Hcg is very important to your success!

I have two questions. First of all, do you accept Care Credit? Secondly, I have a friend who did the HCG through another company and experienced severe fatigue, headaches, irritability and general flu-like symptoms. The answer she received to curing these symptoms was to purchase an additional costly amount of supplements. Do your patients typically have these side effects?

No – we do not use Care Credit – but we accept all major credit cards – VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and AmEx.

“The OWL Diet” allows for 20-40% more calories per day than the “original” Simeon’s Protocol Hcg Diet – the result is better sense of well being (ie – less headaches, fatigue). I do stress the need to use Calcium supplements, as well as B-Compex and Potassium – and in many patients B-12 shots once or twice per week. The use of Potassium is only after physician consultation, as potassium supplements may not be safe with other prescribed medications, or in patients with impaired kidney function.

“The OWL Diet” sets you up for success – not failure! Our patients lose an average of 15-20 pounds per month.

Hi Dr. Abbott. I write to ask if I can use a sauna while on your hcg program. I normally sit in it for 45 minutes/day, @ 180 degrees, 4-5 times per week, while drinking about 50 oz. water.

Yes saunas are fine – the key is that you are replacing the water you sweat out. Saunas are not approved for people who have low blood pressure, or heart disease.

Hi there, I am considering this diet but I have several things coming up that I must attend. One is just a night (dinner) and the other is a trip on a friend’s boat for four days. I won’t be finished with that until April 30th…is it possible to start now, then go off (just a little with some wine or liqour) for a few times and then go back on? These are occasions that are impossible for me to not go.

When you travel or celebrate – definitely that is the time to take a break from the OWL diet. This is not a race – it is a journey to learning permanent healthy food behavior changes = permanent weight loss. Breaks can be one day or as long as you need.


Limited exercise only. You will have enough energy to do day to day activities such as walking, laundry, cooking, cleaning – but do not do anything that will increase your heart rate or “make you sweat” – you may become light headed – it simply is not safe to cut calories and exercise. Finally – exercise revs up the hunger drive – and we are trying to help control your hunger and cravings.
After you lose your weight, or take a break from the OWL Diet – then you want to increase your exercise.

I am lactose intolerant and could be wheat also. I have many digestive problems resulting in limited veggies and also eggs. I will not eat salads because I don’t like the dressings and no fish. I can eat only one kind of bread and butter. Would I ft into this diet?

Milk is not allowed on The OWL Diet, so that is no problem. Wheat intolerance may be gluten intolerance – there are some gluten free breads, such as found in the frozen bread section of Whole Foods – or just skip the bread altogether. I can work with limiting veggies as long as you can eat fruit. No salads I can also work with. No fish is fine – we allow white chicken, white turkey, lean beef or a vegetarian substitute. I do feel that this diet can work for you!

I am interested in learning more about the OWL diet

Hi Wendy

We will email you from our med spa gmail.

Thank you!

Dr. C. Abbott

Keep reading this blog!

And when you are ready for more info – check out my web page at http://www.CarterAbbottMedSpa.com


Actually we have not offered the 3x/wk dosing in maintenance for over a year. We found that people really do not need it. Whether you are at your goal weight, or are taking a break from the diet, the diet plan should be teaching you to continue healthy portions of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and limited carbs/oils in maintenance.

Carter Abbott

Im considering the HCG diet and would like to and have to lose atleast 30 to 40 lbs. How much am I looking at spending to do this? I also want to have my sister and mother join with me, and I did hear there was some sort of discount if joinging in a group. Is this correct? if so how much would it be. thanks for your time.

Hello Doreida

Specials, and pricing are listed at http://www.carterabbottmedspa.com Currently, if 3 of you sign up at the same time, each person will save $150 on the first month. Regular Price for one person, first month is $450. Pricing per person for a group of 3 is $300 the first month. Please note that the OWL Diet incorporates many changes and improvements from the original Hcg Diet – allowing more food variety and calories – making it easier for you and to family to get on the program, and stay with it until you reach your goal. When you are ready to lose weight quickly, and safely, please call us at 402-614-5556.


Dr. Carter Abbott
Author and creator of “The OWL Diet”
Omaha Med Spa

I am 5’3″, 29 yrs old, weigh 121 lbs. i have been trying to loose weight since january 2011. I loose pounds but gain them right back. My metabolism is slow. I exercise 5days a week, take long walks in order to get back into shape. But i keep gaining fat on my tummy and my breast. Do you think HCG diet would work for me?

You do not need to diet at all. Your body mass index is normal. I would not advise going lower on your weight than 121 lbs. Your body needs some body fat for wellness. You should stop obsessing about your weight – and you may need to seek professional help to find a healthier body self-image.


Dr. Abbott

About 10 years ago I had a complete hyserectomy due to edometrial cancer. Never had to do chemo. Anyway at the time the Dr old me I should never take hormones and the dr is no loner in the area as he left shotly after and I have never dicussed this with my dr now.Because hcg is a hormone does that mean that I shouldn’t or can’t take the hcg?

This is a very late response to your question.

Endometrial cancer does not have a proven link to hormones. Breast cancer is a totally different story.
One of the risk factors for endometrial cancer is excess body weight (obesity).
You can safely participate with The Owl Diet plan, and if you live in the Omaha NE area we can see you and get you started!

I am curious are you still in business?

Yes – Omaha Med Spa and The Owl Diet are very much alive and well. This blog has not been serviced by myself for over one year. During that time, I have been tweaking the diet plan, treatment options, and writing a new book. Now I am ready to share this info with the world!

Carter Abbott MD

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  • omahamedspa: This is a very late response to your question. Endometrial cancer does not have a proven link to hormones. Breast cancer is a totally different stor
  • omahamedspa: Yes - Omaha Med Spa and The Owl Diet are very much alive and well. This blog has not been serviced by myself for over one year. During that time, I
  • omahamedspa: 25G x 5/8" - easily goes into the muscle on the top of your thigh.


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